This quarter the Pipe band has continued to focus on getting some of our learners up to speed.

On the drumming side, our drumming tutor has been working on our three learner drummers. We will be performing in the Redlands Sporting Club on Friday, 15 December and our learners have their first performance with the band so we’re looking forward to that.

On the piping side, our two children learner pipers are going to do a performance on their practise chanters.

We’re also exploring the option of having a couple of highland dancers from the local Jill Dobbs School of Dancing perform with us. But this hasn’t been locked in yet.

We are also planning our calendar for next year and have booked in to head out to the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival in March where we are going to perform in conjunction with the Stanthorpe pipe band. It’s been a while since we’ve been on the road so this should be enjoyable. We’ve pencilled in to have our annual competition again next year so we’ll need to lock in a date that works with the Redlands Cricket Club and doesn’t clash with other bagpipe events. Now that we’re starting to get our player numbers back up again we’re looking for opportunities to play especially in the local community. If anyone would like the band to perform at an event please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also had Andrew MacArthur our pipe major play a solo in conjunction with Redlands Rhapsody lady’s choir, apparently Andrew was very popular with the ladies…

As usual, we provide free lessons for bagpiping and drumming, if anyone is interested please contact me.

Alastair Campbell (secretary) 0434 600 162

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