Gladiator Games fun with students and parents.

The second quarter of the year is always jam packed with action.  New students flooding through our doors, gradings, Gladiator Game days and of course competition season is upon us.

Pre-gradings have been packed with young enthusiastic students looking for their next belt to continue their journey.  As for our higher grades this June, Black belt grading will see Sensei Liz Sheen attempting her 2nd Dan Black Belt Nidan and Jessica Craddock fight for her 1st Dan Black Belt Shodan plus Jai Sheen and Xenia Van Schie via for their Black Belts Shodan Ho.  To achieve black belt, members must go through a long process of preparing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  Training three to four days a week as well as rising with the birds on Sunday mornings to attend Boot Camp training for 2 ½ hours.  Good luck to all of our students grading this term

Competition season started in March with the QKA State Championships and continued in May with the QKA Invitational Championships held in Cornubia and Renbukan’s Toowoomba Tournament.  An impressive group of students competed, with outstanding results.  These were also attended by a great support team of Sports Karate Black Belts as Coaches, Judges, and table officials.  Without the volunteers these tournaments don’t run so thank you to Rene Roggeveen, Clinton de Bruijn, Liz Sheen, Paris Botella, Steve, Jenny, Nicole and others that pitched in.

QKA State Championships – Cornubia

  • Xenia Van Schie – Silver girls Cadet Kyu Kumite; Bronze girls Cadet Kyu Kata
  • Len Salazar – Silver – male Cadet Kumite – U60kg
  • Guy Sheen – Bronze – male Cadet Kumite – 60kg +
  • Max Ross – Gold – male Cadet Kyu Kumite
  • Jai Sheen – Bronze – male Cadet Kyu Kumite
  • Ben, Jess, Callum, Zed, Caden also competed extremely well

QKA Summer Invitational Championships – Cornubia

  • Xenia Van Schie – Bronze girls Kata
  • Len Salazar – Bronze – male Cadet Kata – U60kg
  • Jess, Ben, Jai, Callum, Zed also competed extremely well

Renbukan Tournament – Toowoomba

  • Xenia Van Schie – 1st girls Kumite
  • Ben Craddock – 1st boys Kata
  • Jessica Craddock – 1st girls Kata, 2nd girls Kumite
  • Zed Youdale – 2nd  boys U10 Kumite
  • Guy Sheen – 1st Cadet Kumite
  • Jacinta Gibson – 1st Women’s Kumite
  • It was a great afternoon for all competitors involved

With such drive and success we have a dedicated group of students who have entered expressions of interest in being selected for the QKA State squad to compete in the AKF National Championships being held in Caloundra early August.  They must prove their skills and commitment with even more intense training.  Good luck to all.

Classes run seven days a week throughout the Redlands and the Bayside catering to all ages and fitness levels so there has never been a better time to enquire about joining.

For more information please call 3396 0980, check out our Facebook Page, or go to

Jai and Max. QKA-State-Titles 2018.

Black Belt Boot Camp