Xavier receiving his Green Belt

SKA hosted yet another successful Gladiator & Taster Tournament where young and upcoming members competed against fellow club members and visiting clubs from as far away as Toowoomba. Divided into groups of age and experience they played valuable skill related games earning points as they go resulting in each competitor receiving a medal based on the number of games won. This is an essential stepping stone preparing our young members for later competitions. Our taster side of this Tournament is directed at those young upcoming competitors looking to compete in the larger QKA tournaments. Our elite team members coach the competitors on formalities and performance, preparing them for the larger arenas. Of course the jumping castle was once again a huge hit.

On the competition front we are seeing more young athletes jumping into training now, readying themselves for the competition season early next year.  The National tournament will be hosted by Queensland next year with the event to be held in Caloundra.

The annual pilgrimage to Noosa North Shore for the end of year Black Belt camp and Kyu Grading was again enjoyed by many.  It was great to see so many of our younger Kyu grades enjoying the experience this year.  Once again Hanshi Dr Patrick MacCarthy and Jiu Jitsu Master Shihan Tom Bellamy held jam-packed seminars enjoyed by all.  To achieve black belt members must go through a long process of preparing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The enormous wealth of knowledgeable, talented and loyal members ensures all those who commit to a training process are given the guidance and support necessary to achieve their personal goals.  So we welcome to the ranks:
• Shodan Ho Sensei Ben Craddock
• 1st Dan Shodan Sensei Guy Sheen
• 2nd Dan Nidan Sensei Paris Botella

Kyu gradings will be held after this report is produced, but those younger than eight years of age grade through their class Sensei. Each child is assessed on the skills learnt in class and when they have completed the required set they earn their next belt level. One of our favourite students breaking barriers of ability is Xavier who was extremely proud to earn his green belt this term. Good luck to all our other Kyu graders in December.

With classes running 7 days a week throughout the Redlands and Bayside catering to all ages and fitness levels there has never been a better time to inquire about joining.
Call 3396 0980, check out our Facebook page or go to www.sportskarateaustralia.com.au

Liz Sheen

President, Supporters & Competitors Club SKA

Black belt graders Senseis Ben, Guy and Paris

Black belt camp group photo